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I absolutely adore Bohemian Studios!

The physical space is carefully crafted to be a welcoming, home-like environment. There are plants and inspiring art everywhere you look, which make it the perfect place to vibe out during a yoga session or feel the love during a challenging barre class.

The instructors are top-notch—they provide amazing classes that will really work you out! They are supportive, positive community creators, competent class leaders, and genuine lovers of wellness.

I highly recommend checking out Bohemian Studios; you will love it there.

—Laura H. on—



the beating heart of our community is our instructors.

our teachers bring soul-filled personality, musicality, and inquisitive expertise to every class.

we invest deeply in our teachers with extensive training, mentorship and wellness perks because we believe in the power of good instruction.

Learn more about the awesome people on our team, or train with us.

Adrienne Kimberley Yoga Buddhi